HTTPS Migration Roundtable

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HTTPS Migration Roundtable
With Google becoming increasingly insistent that websites are moving to HTTPS, you should probably have done it already but if you haven’t we guide you through some of the hurdles, recommendations, performance enhancements as well as touching on the toolkit that you need to have in place to migrate over.
00:01:52 – speakers introduction
00:03:15 – HTTPS Migration slides
00:30:48 – Q&A session
00:31:15 – Q1 – Does HTTPS cost more than HTTP?
00:33:21 – Q2 – Are there any downsides of using HTTPS for your whole website?
00:35:00 – Q3 – Are there any good SSL migration service you guys can recommend for WordPress?
00:36:35 – Q4 – Is migrating in parts ok?
00:37:28 – Q5 – How to avoid a huge dropdown in organic traffic? What to do if it has already happened?
00:39:15 – Q6 – For a content marketing website, which level of the certificate is ideal?
00:40:50 – Q7 – What WordPress plugin would you recommend for SSL migration?
00:41:38 – Q8 – How to deal with the backlinks referring to my HTTP pages?
00:43:57 – Q9 – Does HTTPS really help in website ranking?
00:46:19 – Q10 – What are your top tips for digital marketers etc. when clients that just change without any discussion or planning. What would you do with limited time?
00:47:38 – Q11 – Is it safe to use Lets encrypt on all sites?
00:48:38 – Q12 – ​If we do a domain level migration then is 301 redirect necessary?
00:49:32 – Q13 – Is it advisable to redirect all pages of the website to use the HTTPS instead of the old HTTP?
00:50:40 – Q14 – How do you all follow/keep up to date with all of Google’s updates? Could you recommend any sites to follow?
00:52:13 – Q15 – Can changes in URLs structure while moving to HTTPS affect the ranking on Google later?
00:54:05 – Q16 – The best piece of advice on moving to HTTPS?
00:56:45 – Q17 – Can you give us some info on transferring from HTTP1 to HTTP2?
00:57:34 – Q18 – ​I recently read an article on WordFence titled – ‘Secure’ in Chrome Browser Does Not Mean ‘Safe’ which spoke about Let’sEncrypt being potentially insecure. Your thoughts?
00:58:24 – Q19 – Can you give us a quick note around the performance changes between HTTP, SSL and TLS please?

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