Case Study – How “Documenting The Process” Can Build An Audience & Generate Revenue!

Brand new video freshly released by Miles Beckler. Probably the most effective supplier of tutorials  available.

Case Study - How "Documenting The Process" Can Build An Audience & Generate Revenue!
Can you build an audience and generate revenue by documenting ‘how to’ videos? Absolutely! Does it work in every niche? Well, this case study looks at one extremely unique niche example.

Check out Ian’s channel here:

Check out Ian’s video where I helped him install solar panels here:

I have been staying at my friends’ place for a few nights now helping them with their skoolie.

A Skoolie is a slang term for a school bus conversion into an RV which is gaining popularity today.

There is an entire VanLife sub culture of people converting vans (and buses) into mobile dwellings and just living like a nomad.

Ian and his wife Veronica have taken on a project to convert a school bus into an RV, or making a skoolie and they are documenting the process.

However, this is not the first time Ian has used videos on YouTube to document things… From creating knives out of railroad spikes to documenting road trips and international travels, he has a variety of experience documenting.

He has even documented the process of creating, editing and launching podcasts in his Udemy course that generates residual income for him!

With no traditional schooling on ‘how to edit or shoot videos’ he is self-taught and a living expression of what it takes to build an audience and to be of service through documenting.

Ian reveals the key which is something you’ve heard over and over again on this channel… You need to find something that is in your heart… A passion.

When you find something you love to do, then documenting that and sharing it with the world is a great way to grow an audience and to generate revenue through advertisements, affiliate marketing and even courses.

I hope you enjoy this video and be sure to check out Ian’s channel and subscribe!
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