YouTube Video Marketing Challenge Update! See The Results Of 10 Months Of Video Marketing on YouTube

Another video from Miles Beckler. In my opinion the best supplier of free tutorials  on the Internet.


Want to see the kinds of results 10 months of video marketing can create? Ready to do a video marketing challenge on YouTube but not sure what to expect? Watch this video now!

In August of 2016 I was challenged to do a video per day for 90 days straight. This was the initial video marketing challenge.

My wife and I used a similar marketing challenge to launch our main business years ago… My wife published one blog post per day on WordPress for 90 days.

I followed through and after publishing 120 videos in 120 days, I kept with it.

Now with over 300 days since my first video, I’ve found a consistent pace to my video marketing here on YouTube.

The results continue to impress and compound in both the views, the subscribers and also the affiliate marketing revenue and email list growth.

The goal is to help you with one of two things here.

#1 – If you have not begun content marketing and started putting out content every day with your own video marketing challenge (or blogging challenge) I want you to get started!

#2 – If you have started your own video marketing challenge here on YouTube or on your WordPress blog, I want you to be consistent and follow through beyond the 90 days!

Yes, the 90 day challenge is simply designed for you to ‘flex the muscle’ enough to where putting out content becomes the ‘normal state of being’ for you.

To get you to switch from being a content consumer to a content creator :

If there is one additional skill I would like you to add on, that would be to learn the basics of keyword research, too…

This way every piece of content (or at least most of them) would be focused on a specific phrase people are searching.

This video shows how:

This way your video marketing or your blog posts have a higher likelihood of attracting visitors from the search engines!

I hope you enjoyed this video marketing challenge update…

Sorry about that little bit of wind noise… I will figure out how to resolve that in the future if I keep doing videos like this outside.

See you on the next video and leave me a comment after ‘thumbs up’ -ing this one! 😀
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