5 Takeaways from the CEB Sales & Marketing Summit

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Our team had the pleasure of attending the CEB Sales & Marketing Summit where we engaged with sales and marketing thought leaders and practitioners from leading organizations around the world.

Below is a short summary of our key takeaways from the conference.

  1. In order to sell effectively in today’s world, B2B suppliers must understand how customers move between digital and in-person buying channels. This is a process that most organizations aren’t able to support.
  2. With more accessible information and vast information networks, some think selling is doomed.  This could not be further from the truth — instead technologies like sales automation and personalization will separate the wheat from the chaff.
  3. In the new world, Salespeople need to be more like marketers in this new digital world — understanding and leveraging digital technologies.  Marketers need to be more like salespeople and develop tailored messaging for each key customer.
  4. Three principles to turbocharge your website:

    1. Give customers an entry point on their terms
    2. Signal your solutions in customer’s language
    3. Help customers do what they are on your site to do
  5. Marketing in B2B has evolved to drive support for enablement leveraging three key technologies:

    1. Artificial Intelligence — to predict everything from which leads are most promising to which content will be most effective
    2. Natural Language Processing — to understand prospect intent
    3. Augmented Reality — to more directly engage with prospects in compelling ways

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