5 SEO Blogging Tips for Websites

There are a lot of concerns from bloggers about the effectiveness of their blogging in relation to their SEO ranking. There may be some truth to their concerns but the actual reasons are not due to some conspiracy theories or that blogging is now outdated. The answer to those concerns is related to the dynamism of the virtual world. Everything is changing —from the websites to the audience themselves. The only thing we should do is to adapt to the current changes that are related to SEO and blogging —-and thrive.

Here are 5 SEO blog tips for websites to follow:

Write for Your Audience

One very common mistake blogging websites do is trying to stuff keywords into their blogs with the intention to rank high in their SEO rankings. That is writing for the algorithm; and not for the audience. Remember that it is your audience who will be driving your traffic. The search engines will just help them get to you.

If your targeted audience does not like what they read from your blogs, they’ll just scamper and get lost. Who would want to read awkward and unreadable sentences with over-stuffed keywords?

Keep Your Content Fresh and Original

If you want to really rank high on your SEO, you should then create high-quality content for your audience. Scour the web for relevant topics that are related to your business then transform them into something that is unique and original. Find out what your audience want. If you can solve their problems through your blogs and other forms of content, people will then start coming in and check your website.

Start creating content that is not just pure text and image. Within your blog, you can use videos, infographics, and audio to complement your awesome writing. These are the kind of content that are getting popular today. If your audience loves your content, it will be most likely shared in social media platforms. This is also a very good way to catch Google’s attention.

Build Natural Backlinks

When another website links back to your site, this indicates people are now giving credit to your content. I say content because it is your creation that they love, and not you. Do not take this negatively just yet. Everyone usually says that “authority” in this industry is earned.

Additionally, everything starts from the content and insights that you share with others.

Your backlinks should be natural. Never buy backlinks. Google doesn’t like that.

Backlinks from websites with authority can also provide your blog a boost that is hundred-fold compared to backlinks coming from hundreds of tiny websites. It is also important to use anchor text in your blog content. You can choose your anchor text from your list of relevant keywords.

Build an SEO Optimized Website

This is one of the on-site activities that should be at the top of your list. This is how Google determines if your site is trustworthy and credible.

You can optimize your site by:

· Keeping your codes clean

· Maintaining great UX

· Prioritizing mobile responsiveness

· Using attractive yet highly functional themes

Do not forget about the SEO meta tag fields in every blog that you create and publish. Your title, description, and keywords can contribute on how you fare in the SERPs. Formulate your meta tags with the purposes of attracting readers to click to your website and increasing the chances to start doing business with you.

Search engines also index your web pages by using internal links. Blog articles that are relevant to the other areas of your website are given higher values. You can boost your website ranking by an extra mile just by using internal links.

Write, Write, and …Write

Constantly producing a constant stream of content tells Google that your website is still alive. Do you know what the best SEO blog sites have in common? They produce a lot of high-quality content on a regular basis —with emphasis on a lot.

There may be some insights from the market influencers out there that as long as you can produce really good quality of articles on a consistent basis, the numbers wouldn’t matter. This may also be true. Ultimately, the final decision and implementation fall into your hands. Revisit your own marketing strategy and decide which direction is apt to your own goals and objectives.

What do you think of our blogging tips? Did this article help you? Share your thoughts.

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